In The News – March 2024

In The News – March 2024

Navigating Latency in Satellite Networks and Exploring its Impact on User Experience

Does Latency actually matter? A good question to ask in a time when LEO is all the rage and people and businesses are educating themselves on the opportunities that satellite broadband can afford them. In this article on ITWeb and ITWeb Africa, our CEO shares his view on Latency and whether it should have a bearing on your decision-making or not.

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Leading Telehealth Advancements with Twoobii’s Innovative LEO Solutions

Atlantic, a leading South African provider of enterprise communication platforms, offers Doc-2U, a virtual healthcare solution connecting clinicians with remote clinics via video conferencing. Facing the challenge of dual video channels, they partnered with Q-KON’s Twoobii Smart Satellite Services to ensure reliable internet connectivity. This initiative enhances healthcare access in Africa, streamlining diagnosis and treatment processes. Douglas Reed, Managing Director of Atlantic Holdings, highlights the solution’s impact on improving healthcare access across the continent.

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Team Spotlight: Celebrating Achievements – Masters Done!

A massive round of applause and heartfelt congratulations to Riaan on earning his Master of Engineering Cum Laude! Your dedication and hard work in such challenging times are truly commendable.

Thank you for your commitment to self-improvement, our team, and our business. We’re incredibly proud to have you on board!

Riaan Roux 
Head of Engineering

Did You Know?

The Teleport (originally called a Telecommunications Satellite Park) innovation was conceived and developed by Joseph Milano in 1976 as part of a National Research Council study.

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