Leading Telehealth Advancements with Twoobii’s Innovative LEO Solutions

Leading Telehealth Advancements with Twoobii’s Innovative LEO Solutions


Atlantic is a leading South African provider of robust enterprise communication platforms designed for security, scalability, reliability, and user-friendliness. Among its innovative offerings is Doc-2U, a virtual healthcare platform that seamlessly connects top-tier clinicians with remote rural clinics. Doc-2U facilitates comprehensive consultations through state-of-the-art video conferencing technology, granting doctors full access to medical instruments at any rural clinic without the need for additional software downloads—only a browser is required.

The Challenge

Atlantic faces the challenge of requiring two video channels: one for medical devices like ultrasound and ECG, and another for face-to-face meetings between clinicians, patients, and nurses. They aim to provide dependable, high-quality internet to remote African clinics, overcoming barriers like distance and cost to improve healthcare access. Additionally, their platform features a video library for skill improvement, seamless integration with electronic medical records, transcription services, prescription management with direct pharmacy transmission, and ambulance service initiation, enhancing its capabilities.


The Solution

To address this challenge, Atlantic South Africa adopted Twoobii Smart Satellite Services, provided by Q-KON, to bridge the gap between remote clinics and top-tier clinicians. This initiative ensured fast, reliable internet connectivity, meeting key requirements like bandwidth, latency, and integration with mobile LTE circuits for clinician connectivity. The focus was on guaranteeing high-quality video streams for medical consultations and seamless functionality post-diagnosis, including prescribing medications and handling insurance claims.

“The implementation of the Twoobii LEO OneWeb solution, managed by Q-KON, has effectively democratized access to world-class healthcare through the Doc-2U virtual healthcare platform, bringing it within reach of every individual in Africa,” 

Douglas Reed, Managing Director of Atlantic Holdings.

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