Twoobii is specifically developed to ensure quality voice service using standard IP telephony equipment. The Twoobii voice service includes local numbering options, least cost routing and complete cloud-based billing and account administration system.


Voice services are available for office and mobile users on prepaid or post-paid billing plans. Multi-tiered account structure enable resellers and channel partners to effectively manage user accounts and revenue collection.


Voice services are subject to applicable regulations in each country and service options differ in each country.


Data services can be either Business Broadband services or Corporate data access services.


Business broadband services are provided at set service profiles that offer fixed-fee service with defined FUP service management rules to ensure the QoS. This option provides the unique benefit of cost-effective services while maintaining data rates and service quality. More details available under the pricing section.


Corporate data services can be integrated with existing customer WAN network to provide access to “off-grid” locations while seamlessly integrated with the corporate data network. These solutions are more customer-centric options with commercial terms defined to meet each specific customer requirements. Options include “pay-per-use” GB models or “pool costs” for multiple back-up services.


Twoobii supports real-time voice and video services and readily integrates with 3rd party solutions. Applications typically include security surveillance, distance education or telemedicine solutions. The high-speed data transmission rate supports video uplink applications and can also be used for remote IPTV solutions.

Private Network

Private network options are very specific solutions to provide connectivity to a selected group of end-user sites. The Twoobii network is configured to implement a customer virtual network with allocated capacity on a “pool” concept or model.


The private network capacity is defined in downlink and uplink bandwidth levels and all sites in the customer network will share the defined capacity.
Access to this pool capacity is then on an exclusive basis for these user sites only.


Typical applications include government offices, clinics or schools for Internet access with a defined quality of service and against a fixed cost budget…

Point Of Sale Service

The Twoobii Point-of-Sale service is defined to provide reliable connectivity for retail merchants to ensure trusted connectivity for credit card readers.


This application required specific design and certification to adhere to the compliance required by financial institutions.


The solution is possible on the Twoobii network because the Twoobii gateway is located in South Africa and has a direct and seamless interconnect with the core networks of the financial institutions. This benefit underlines both the quality of the network as well as the business credibility of the Twoobii service.

Back-Up/Standby Services

Twoobii “stand-by” service is designed to be installed as a back-up for a primary fibre service and will provide seamless business continuity in the event of the primary service failure.


The Twoobii “stand-by” service is seamlessly integrated with the customer network through the local core interconnect. In the event of a primary service failure, the end-user service will be automatically routed over the satellite link to implement seamless business continuity. Service contracting can be done using different options including a “pay-per-use” options.

Wi-Fi HOTspot Solution

The Twoobii Wi-Fi HOTspot Solution enables Twoobii customers to provide Wi-Fi to guests, staff or other 3rd party users in a convenient manner and with no additional on-site equipment required.


The Twoobii Wi-Fi HOTspot solution can control user access according to pre-set service rules or through user access vouchers. The access can either be charged as an additional service or can be included as part of the venue services.

Wi-Fi Campus Solution

Twoobii Wi-Fi Campus Solution includes long-range Omni-directional and point-to-point outdoor Wi-Fi access points for outdoor services as required for Lodges, retail operations, commercial farms, etc..


This Twoobii Wi-Fi Solution was developed to simplify site planning and minimise implementation costs..

Solar Power “Off-Grid” Solution

Twoobii provides “off-grid” broadband services to business and retail operations which are not reliably connected to the telco grid. Lower power consumption and effective communication design enables Twoobii to also operate using a solar system and “off-grid” from the national power network.