The Fixed-fee,
locally supported,
“Off-grid” satellite
broadband solution

Twoobii is business satellite broadband. Twoobii gives you voice, data and satellite internet services anywhere you are. To be connected or not, certainly Twoobii. End-users, Resellers, ICT service integrators, Twoobii is developed for you.

Twoobii is your trusted satellite internet provider.
Fast satellite internet

Fast satellite
internet installed
wherever you are

Small enough to be installed anywhere, powerful enough to provide you with 10Mbps download speeds today, (…. and 100Mbps tomorrow). Your Twoobii terminal is designed for ease of installation, minimum maintenance and maximum performance.

  • Secure and certified for financial point-of-sale services
  • Fixed-fee satellite internet with affordable service bundle options
  • Engineered, developed and built in South Africa for Africa

Off-grid satellite broadband

Are you currently off-grid and not connected to the national telecom network grid via 3G, Fibre or ADSL?
Now to be connected 24/7, all you need is Twoobii, the new always-on, anywhere connection solution
for all previously disadvantaged locations.

Twoobii Satellite Point of Sale
Twoobii POS solutions

Lodges, retail operations and commerce all understand the risk of losing business and customers due to poor 3G and wireless connections. To be unconnected is to be vulnerable, now you can select Twoobii and operate your business with confidence.

  • Certified, secured and approved by the big financial institutions
  • Connect your card readers via cable or Wi-Fi
  • Optional Wi-Fi networks to connect pool, bar and outside areas

Telephony Satelite Broadband Solutions

Twoobii is developed in Africa for Africa and will support Skype and your choice of standard telephony services.
Twoobii gives you a one-hop link to the networks in Gauteng to ease your service integration and enables the best possible voice quality.

  • Compatible with any voice-over-data network solution
  • Independent from any providers and flexible to integrate with your network of choice
  • Voice quality assured through data traffic management

Twoobii Satellite Telephony
Twoobii Off-Grid Satellite Internet
Twoobii Satellite Internet Terminal

Do you need to work on an industrial building or construction site either permanently or temporarily? Do you need reliable emails and proper video conference calling with head office? To be connected just install a Twoobii satellite terminal and you will be always connected.

  • Easy to install with minimum construction and even mobile options
  • Flexible service plans for long-term or short-term service bundles
  • Option to extend service with on-site wireless networks

Find the best satellite
broadband plan for you

Use the calculator below to find the best possible satellite broadband bundle for your needs.
Simply drag the toggles to adjust, and like magic we’ll recommend the data threshold perfect for you.

Your Estimated Usage is:

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