In The News – October 2022

In The News – October 2022

Is Low-Latency a Ticket to Profitability: How LEO Services Can Compete in Africa

Industry analysts expect 17,000 satellites to be launched over the next decade, of which 58% will be for five new mega low earth orbit (LEO) constellations. It is anticipated that the space industry will add an estimated 200Tbps of capacity to the global network. Adding broadband anywhere, anytime capacity to the global grid will transform satellite connectivity and related industries. Expected service launch dates are set for 2023 and 2024.

Dr. Dawie de Wet unpacks the business case and considers where and how the new LEO satellite services, and imminent advanced GEO services, will fit into the fibre-LTE-wireless-satellite service matrix in this article:

Gijima in partnership with Q-KON assist leading global Energy and Petrochemical Company with Satellite Connectivity to remote locations

Gijima is contracted to deliver reliable connectivity to all Fuel and Retail Operations for a leading global Energy and Petrochemical Company. They required a trusted solution for sites not serviced by LTE, Fibre or Microwave. This is a classic “off-grid” requirement and perfectly matched by the Twoobii Satellite Service. The challenge was to ensure that the end-to-end network performance remains compliant for all voice and data applications operating over an SD-WAN architecture. Read more about this exciting project here:

Team Spotlight: TWOOBII – sowing seeds at the Windhoek Show

Q-KON Namibia showcased satellite technology in the form of the Twoobii mobile satellite trailer, at the annual Windhoek Agricultural show. Show visitors, especially farmers, could see for themselves how modern satellite connectivity solutions could easily be integrated into their operations to provide a frontline or backup communications system. Farmers rely on the timeous relay of data (such as weather updates or produce prices) to make vital operational and business decisions and this is where Twoobii can be of immense value as farms are often based in remote areas which are often not connected to mainstream connectivity platforms.

Did You Know?

Vanguard 1 is earth’s oldest artificial satellite that’s still in orbit. America’s second satellite stopped communicating with Earth in 1964, but it will stay in orbit for centuries.

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