In The News – January 2023

In The News – January 2023

Satellite Trends for 2023 and Beyond

Change is the only constant. In this ever-changing environment, it helps business and strategic planners to review generally expected technology trends in their industries. While the future remains unpredictable, in this article we’ll provide support for your development of future business and technology strategies by mapping current developments to likely future outcomes. Dr. Dawie de Wet unpacks 20203 Trends and Outlook with the Fast Mode in this insightful article. Read the full article below:  Satellite Trends for 2023 and Beyond (

Reliable Rural Banking: How the Twoobii Smart Satellite Solution Trailer brings financial inclusion to all regions

Reliable and predictable connectivity is key to most operations and individuals, especially when financial inclusion is at play, even more so in remote areas. Access to money through online banking, face-to-face, automated teller machines (ATM), and point of sale (POS), is one of the most significant responsibilities of any financial institution.  All of these require connectivity to some form of core banking network. Read more about how Twoobii assisted a key customer by making rural banking seamless:

Team Spotlight: The Service Team is growing, meet the new members

Our services team is growing and we would like to give a warm welcome to the new members of the team. Read further below to learn all about our new additions to the team:

Welcome to our new Service Engineers:

  1. Gabriel Venter: 9 years experience. Progressed from installer technician to NOC and Radio Frequency support, currently specializing in Satellite Technologies;
  2. Roy Graham: 3 years experience. specializing in technical support and incident management. Married with 3 daughters;
  3. Derrick Smith: 15 years experience in IT and telecoms. All-rounder, with technical and sales experience. Married with 1 daughter;
  4. Adriaan Geldenhuys: 9 years experience, 7 years as field network engineer. BA qualification (Information Design). Married with 2 children;
  5. Frikkie du Plessis: 24 years experience. Passionate about modems, antennas and alternative power solutions. Married for almost 20 years with 3 sons.

Did You Know?

The altitude of LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites is low and their velocity is very high (>25,000 km/h). They make 12–16 Earth turns in 24h, thus, a LEO satellite experiences at least 12 to 16 sunlight and night periods in 24h.

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