Reliable Rural Banking Solutions

Reliable Rural Banking Solutions


Reliable and predictable connectivity is key to most operations and individuals. The impact of poor connectivity is especially great when financial inclusion is hindered, even more so in remote areas.

Giving people access to their money through online banking, face-to-face, automated teller machines (ATM), and even point of sale (POS), is one of the most significant responsibilities of any financial institution.  All of these require connectivity to some form of core banking network.

The Challenge

A Q-KON banking customer clearly realized the risk associated with poor connectivity and also understood the value reliable connectivity could add to expand their reach to under-serviced customers.

Examples of added value would be providing cash pay-outs to workers on a remote mining location, enabling cashless POS connectivity to a pop-up market, and providing banking access at a sponsored event.  Another key benefit would be to provide access to banking apps and systems at decentralized and remote training locations.

The Solution

With satellite is the ultimate in reliable connectivity and not constrained by terrestrial connectivity or any environmental factors.

Q-KON developed an auto deploy satellite communication trailer and service that deploys and locks onto the satellite network by the press of a button.  In addition to this, the antenna was mounted on a ruggedized trailer that included backup power in the form of a UPS system supported by additional diesel generator backup.

The trailer also includes a Wi-Fi network for user access and ease of use.  The Trailer is a perfect solution to tactical remote connectivity and also a perfect brand promotion opportunity.


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