In The News – May

In The News – May

5G Health Risk Perspective

The recent deployment of 5G mobile networks has created much debate on the possible health risks. Given that 5G relates more to a “network-of-networks architecture” and that mobile deployments are only one element of evolving 5G networks, the health debate should probably be more around the risks of multiple small cell radiation sources such as Wi-Fi, home automation and IoT solutions. Adding to this the penetration depth characteristic of different frequency sources we note that the higher frequencies have lower penetration and thus lower health risk. While the public debate on possible 5G health risks will probably continue, we can at least now understand that this is not a 5G debate. It is rather a debate on the possible risks of large-scale micro base stations deployments in our personal environment, an aspect which we can control and be responsible for. Click here to read more.

Emirates Airline Park Goes Cashless

Emirates Airline Park, previously known as Ellis Park, was built in 1928. Until recently events at the venue functioned on a cash-only basis which created risks due to the vendors having to keep large sums of money, and other problems like not having enough change. This was elegantly solved by a Q-KON satellite solution that provided very reliable communication so that vendors can operate card facilities without the risk of losing network connections. Click here to read more.

Custom Made Trailer Ready For Neighbouring Countries

The Twoobii custom made trailer was recently built for our Namibia branch. It is a complete ready to go satellite access service with Wi-Fi and HOTspot solution. The trailer can provide connectivity up to 20Mbps to support customer and public events such as outdoor adventure events, public auctions, and standby services for on-demand services.

Did You Know?

Light moves at the velocity of about 186,411 miles (300,000 km) a second. So, one light-year equates to roughly 5,903,026,326,255 miles!

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