Emirates Airline Park Goes Cashless

Emirates Airline Park Goes Cashless


Emirates Airline Park, previously known as Ellis Park, was built in 1928. The stadium has been the site of many milestones in South African sporting history, most memorably the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final – South Africa’s first major international sporting achievement after years of isolation. Well known artists such as Whitney Houston, Roxette, Rolling Stones, and Eminem have performed at the stadium. It is the second-largest stadium in South Africa and can accommodate 62567 people.

The Challenge

Previously, the venue was functioning on a cash-only basis. This was a challenge due to the safety risk of people carrying large amounts of cash and pickpockets were at large. It would be difficult for people to draw money as there were limited ATMs which often either were offline or ran out of cash. There was also an issue of vendors having to keep large sums of money, and sometimes not having enough change.

The Solution

Q-KON installed a Satellite terminal to enable vendors to make use of Point-of-Sale devices to offer customers an alternative to cash. If there is a big match or concert, the banks bring in extra Point-of-sale devices to cope with the demand for large numbers of people. It is envisaged that the area around the stadium is going to be revamped to create a safer and trendier environment with trees, benches, and re-kindle it to its’ former glory. In the meantime, large sums of money do not need to be carried, making Emirates Stadium quicker, easier and safer with.

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