In The News – June 2024

In The News – June 2024

What does multi-orbit mean for Africa

In the context of Satellite technology innovations, industry alignments and constellation developments, what does multi-orbit services mean for Africa? How could these services impact the connectivity landscape in Africa, and will multi-orbit satellite services deliver significant value in Africa? We consider these dynamics and provide an on-the-ground perspective.

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Twoobii Provides Reliable, Always on Connectivity for Exclusive Lodges

Kwessi Dunes Lodge, nestled in Namibia’s striking Namib Rand Nature Reserve, offers exclusive stays with breathtaking desert landscapes. To meet modern needs, they rely on Twoobii’s Smart Satellite Service for seamless communication in the challenging desert environment. Coastal Cable ensured reliable implementation and support, enhancing the guest experience in this remote haven.

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Team Spotlight: Sandveld Ranchers Association Field Day

Cherize Beukes and Gabriel Venter from Q-KON attended the Sandveld Ranchers Association Field Day event together with MASCOM to bring an activation that showcased the power of Satellite connectivity in one of the most remote parts of this beautiful country.

The highlight for the farmers was to see how they can use Voice over Satellite, and how a desktop phone can connect without the need for telephone poles and cables.

Well done team for braving the elements and taking the MASCOM MySatellite solution to new hights!


Did You Know?

Earth’s orbit around the Sun isn’t a perfect circle? It’s slightly elliptical, resembling more of an oval shape.

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