Satellite Offers Less Disruptions and More Sales

Satellite Offers Less Disruptions and More Sales


Hambisa Supermarket found an easy solution to a frustrating and business crippling problem. They installed the Twoobii Smart Satellite Service for a trusted internet connection, providing very reliable Point-of-Sale Trading, Voice-over-Internet calls and business services.



The Challenge

Given that the Hambisa store is based in the mountainous region of Xhoro (Elliotdate) in the Eastern Cape, their remote and geographically challenging position made it difficult to get a reliable cellular internet connection. The unstable LTE connectivity crippled their Point-Of-Sales transactions and the poor-quality Voice-over-Internet phone services hindered their stock ordering and general business processes.


The Solution

Fortunately, by its very nature, the Twoobii satellite connection is easy to install and can reach any location, plus it is not affected by load shedding, tower disruptions, cable theft or regional network failures.  The Twoobii service is provided to Hambisa by Huge Connect, a Twoobii channel partner that offers the additional voice value add service, for a simple ‘turn-key and end-to-end’ solution.


“Twoobii is being used as their primary internet connectivity solution, offering almost zero downtime (99.95% uptime) and serves as a failover solution for their VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access the site remotely for accounting and business management purposes. A perfect solution for a remote business that needs to be online!”
– Duncan Mager, Key Account Manager Eastern Cape for Huge Connect

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