Digital Radio Communication via Satellite

Digital Radio Communication via Satellite


Farming is a challenging industry and it is often spread over vast areas in different regions across the country. André Kock and Sons, is a livestock auction firm specialising in providing an all-inclusive service to buyers and sellers in the agricultural industry in South Africa. They have operations in various remote areas and to efficiently manage these operations, it is imperative to be connected and able to communicate with personnel across these locations.

The Challenge

Two-way radio services have long been a trusted option for farmers to communicate with personnel in and around their farms. The challenge is that these networks are limited in range and can’t provide connection between farms in different regions. If the two-way radio towers in different regions could be linked together, then communication across different regions would be possible, creating one single and effective farm communication network. The question is, how would you link two-way radio towers that are beyond the range of microwave links, to form a single network spanning multiple radio towers?

The Solution

By using the Twoobii Smart Satellite Services system, the team were able to link two-way radio towers from each of the 3 locations into one single network. This solution was developed with and implemented by one of our trusted channel partners, Wolck Connected Solutions.

“Twoobii’s Smart Satellite Services seamlessly supports all the two-way radio voice communication features and functions,” commented Mr. Matie Strydom: COO and CTO at Wolck Connected Solutions, responsible for system development, applications and product acquisition.

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