Enabling Business in the Okavango Delta

Enabling Business in the Okavango Delta


African Horseback Safaris, found in the Okavango Delta of Botswana, have been offering one of the most unique and exciting horseback adventures in the world, for over two decades. Led by talented guides, guests have 450,000 acres of pristine wilderness of the Delta to explore on horseback, allowing them to experience the African landscape in an unforgettable way and to get up close and personal with game such as giraffe, zebra and elephant.

The Challenge

The most significant challenge faced by African Horseback Safaris was their remote and “off-grid” location. And while an initial basic satellite broadband connection was originally required for the essential business admin, post-COVID, their connectivity requirements changed. They were interested in broadening the access and availability of internet connectivity for guests and staff to stay in touch, but wanted them to still feel secluded and private in such a natural and almost untouched part of the world. African Horseback Safaris wanted to provide access for guests in one location away from the common and dining areas, while offering connectivity for management at the camp office and then offer access for the staff village at night.

The Solution

Through, GCSat, one of our channel partners in Botswana, we installed a high speed,
content control and management system using Twoobii’s Smart Satellite Services. We met
the customer’s requirements by configuring three separate networks on the site router and
switching the WiFi access on at the various locations using a schedule.

“Twoobii’s Smart Satellite Service was able to cater to the three different requirements, while operating seamlessly and in the middle of nowhere”
– Craig Cleveland, Technical Director for GCSat.

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