Reliable Trading at NAMPO Harvest day 2023

Reliable Trading at NAMPO Harvest day 2023


.Since its inception, the NAMPO Harvest Day has been the leader in showcasing agricultural innovation and providing that one stop platform to agricultural enthusiasts in South Africa. After a long-awaited return to the agricultural calendar last year, the 2023 NAMPO Harvest Day exceeded all expectations once again! The theme “Agriculture Innovated” confirmed the positive role attributed to the Harvest Day and its contribution to the future of agriculture.

The Challenge

Trading on Nampo is big business and for 2023 NAMPO organisers has added a new coffee shop, more food stalls as well as more ATM’s.  However, the problem is that without reliable connectivity point-of-sale trading terminals doesn’t operate and NAMPO exhibitors can be left without reliable trading and unhappy customers.

The Solution

Safari Outdoor contacted the Twoobii team to install an always-on trusted Twoobii Smart Satellite Service as well as to provide on-site engineering support to ensure 100% service operation for the duration of Nampo.

The Twoobii service was used to connect all point-of-sale trading terminals to ensure seamless trading for Safari Outdoor visitors and a successful event for Safari Outdoor.

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