Twoobii Uses As-a-Service to Expand Offering

Twoobii Uses As-a-Service to Expand Offering

Q-KON Africa drives platform innovation by signing up for the 1st Satellite-as-a-Service platform.

Q-KON Africa has expanded the capacity of its Twoobii platform in response to growing market demand, with the resulting Twoobii-as-a-Service option being provided in collaboration with its international 1st tier providers. This partnership will enhance Q-KON’s services across Africa, extending an array of applications to meet the connectivity needs of businesses, organisations and communities…

Smart Satellite Services drive demand
Twoobii Smart Satellite Services functionality is proving to be the key differentiator in B2B connectivity services. Demand remains strong for connectivity solutions including SD-WAN, business continuity and primary access for mission critical services. The Twoobii brand and service offering are well established and well respected, a fact underpinning sustainable service growth trends.

The Smart Services architecture developed by Q-KON Africa includes the ability to provide advanced enterprise routing functions and integrate multiple space segment platforms into a single enterprise-level access service. From inception, the Twoobii architecture was ready to meet demand generated by changes to the business landscape.

The as-a-Service Model in Action
When additional service capacity was required on short notice the Q-KON team provided the catalyst for establishing the 1st satellite-as-a-service platform in Africa.  The as-a-Service offering is also available to 3rd party operators and will enable them to expand their service offering through a scalable consumption model and to quickly launch their service and capitalise on growth opportunities.

The as-a-Service platform will also allow Q-KON Africa to address multiple customers across different markets while optimising the usage of infrastructure and satellite capacity. The as-a-Service model enables scalability and swift service configuration to reduce the time to market for new solutions and services.

Adding AMOS-7 from Spacecom
For this project, Q-KON Africa chose Spacecom, the satellite service provider and owner-operator of the AMOS satellite fleet. Spacecom’s AMOS-7 space segment services met Twoobii’s performance specifications and are therefore able to assist in meeting the current and anticipated growth in demand. AMOS-7 services were integrated with the as-a-Service platform to become the first satellite operator on this open-access architecture.

The platform enables an expansion of Twoobii’s specialised Smart Satellite Services functionality. By integrating AMOS-7 and the as-a-Service offering, Twoobii can now deliver advanced routing capabilities and layer-2 and high date rate uplinks specifically aimed at enterprise customers.

“We are honoured to be chosen by Q-KON Africa and assist in growing their business using the Amos satellite fleet,” commented Ofer Asif, SVP Strategy of Spacecom.

Poised for further growth
Together with their partners, Q-KON Africa succeeded in rapidly extending Twoobii’s capacity to meet customer demand, as well as leveraging this project to further grow the advanced feature set of their Smart Satellite Services portfolio. The Twoobii cloud service is well positioned to engage across the evolving competitive landscape and meet and exceed market demand and service expectations.

These exciting collaborations have resulted in the development and deployment of an Africa 1st Satellite-as-a-Service enterprise-level connectivity service. This in turn has definitively earned Q-KON Africa a place at the table as the future of B2B connectivity in Africa is discussed.

The adoption of the as-a-Service offering has expanded the capacity of the Twoobii platform within the context of the rapid growth in deployed LEO satellite constellations, and in a way that is flexible, transparent and cost-effective. These advances are taking place simultaneously with enterprise customers being able to take advantage of the latest generation of low-latency satellite connectivity solutions.

Being able to be faster to market, combined with Q-KON Africa’s flexibility, efficiency and scalability to serve different applications as and when needed, will enable the company to stay agile and nimble in a world where connectivity needs are constantly evolving.

About Spacecom:
Spacecom (TASE: SCC) is a satellite communication service provider and proprietary owner-operator of the AMOS satellite fleet. Its strategically located satellites, AMOS-3 and AMOS-7 co-located at 4°W, AMOS-4 at 65°E, and AMOS-17 at 17°E, provide vast, reliable coverage over Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

AMOS-17, its most recent addition, is a fully digital and advanced High Throughput Satellite (HTS) expanding Spacecom’s reach over Africa, the Indian Ocean region, the Middle East and Asia.

Since 1992, the company has been innovating, serving as a partner to customers, providing satellite connectivity, network optimization technologies, consultation and tailored solutions to suit its partners’ specific needs to drive business growth.

Spacecom’s solutions include managed services, professional services, turn-key solutions, Cellular Backhaul, trunking solutions as well as broadcast, data and broadband satellite services. Customers include ISPs, telecom and MNO operators, DTH / OTT operators, network integrators and government agencies, among others. For more information, visit:

About TWOOBII by Q-KON Africa:
Twoobii is a high-throughput satellite connectivity service managed by leading satellite engineering enterprise, Q-KON Africa. Twoobii was established in 2018 and has remained at the forefront of African satellite connectivity solutions ever since, by pioneering advances in satellite business broadband technology either as a standalone service or as a component of integrated network architecture solutions.

Q-KON Africa is a 1st tier provider of integrated access services, specialising in turnkey telecommunication solutions and value-added distribution, configuration, integration and installation services for Africa.

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