Rugby World Cup 7’s

Rugby World Cup 7’s

Reliable Trading for Merchants at the Rugby World Cup 7’s

The Rugby World Cup 7’s is a relatively new world cup series, with the inaugural game played in April 1993. This year (2022) was the first time the tournament was hosted on the African continent in the iconic Cape Town stadium featuring 24 men’s teams and 15 women’s teams. The stadium has a seating capacity of 55 000 spectators and this 8th edition of the event saw a record number of 105 000 spectators enjoy the event over the 3 days. The event brought with it, great business opportunities and exposure for the city of Cape Town and South Africa.

The Challenge

Merchandising, food & beverage trading is big business for a collective crowd of +105 000 over 3 days and reducing risk by cutting back on cash means rapid trading with needs reliable connectivity for card readers. However, data usage by crowd users at such large public events quickly saturates the available mobile networks using social media, what’s-app and user service. This means merchants cannot rely on the mobile networks for connectivity to trade and thus needs an alternative highly reliable service.

The Solution

Twoobii joined forces with one of our trusted partners in the region, iShara Technologies, to provide a reliable point-of-sale connectivity solution for the merchants during the RWC-7’s tournament. Several Twoobii smart satellite service terminals were installed at the stadium and fan villages servicing a total of 52 vendors using 375 EFT devices, which were preconfigured a week before the event.

A further 112 Wi-Fi access points were connected to extend the Wi-Fi network across the stadium to the supporters’ village. iShara had a technical team on standby at the stadium and they were directly connected to the Twoobii National Operating Center, to assist, should any queries develop. Despite the risk of 40/50 km winds in Cape Town, the merchants could be assured of reliable connectivity for their point-of-sales devices and thus, seamless trading.




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