In The News – March 2022

In The News – March 2022

A unique low-cost 100% 1+1 Twoobii satellite solution

Mining operations are often at remote locations far beyond the reach of conventional technologies such as fibre, LTE or 4G/5G. Then a special Twoobii solution is the only
option for operations that demand 100% communication uptime, cost within budget plus no on-site 3rd level technical support. For these requirements, Q-KON developed a Twoobii system that incorporates 100% redundancy with a primary and secondary service including load-balancing and proactive network monitoring. This unique design is based on the standard Twoobii equipment and provides a very clever cost-effective high-availability solution. Read More Here

Keeping Skeleton Coast Resorts Connected!

The same landscapes and distances that make Namibia such a compelling destination for tourists, also make conventional forms of communication impossible. Nambia Wild Life Resorts (NWR) selected the Twoobii solution to ensure continued connectivity for public broadband and point-of-sale services at its resorts including Torrabay. By using the Intelsat Flex constellation, Twoobii delivers world-class, always-on and available anywhere service, as there are no latency or connectivity issues. Read More Here:

Success Cannot Be Accomplished Alone

Welcome to our new South African partners and thank you to all our existing partners for your continued support. Twoobii provides a 4th generation satellite access platform to our partners requiring off-grid or high availability business broadband connectivity for their clients. We offer attractive business model options based on the different preferences and capabilities of our channel partners. If you are interested in joining our dynamic company as a Channel Partner, please contact us on

Did you know?

There are 7,941 number of satellites orbiting earth, as of Sep 2021. NASA, which keeps track of the number of satellites in orbit, estimates there will be about 50, 000 LEO Satellites orbiting the planet within ten years!






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