Mighty Men Conference 2021

Mighty Men Conference 2021

The annual Mighty Men Conference that takes place in the Waterberg district of Limpopo is an outdoor event for Christian Men to get together, away from the daily hustle and bustle, on a farm where there are virtually no outside telecommunication services. The event is broadcast to viewers all over the world on global social media platforms. This allows for more men anywhere in the world to participate and share in the messages and communal worship.



The Challenge

The challenge is to get a reliable communication link at the MMC location in the Waterberg region to broadcast the uplink video stream to the global social media platforms. The farm is situated near Vaalwater and is just out of reach of the cellphone towers in the region. A reliable uplink with stable connectivity is a must-have to be able to broadcast a video stream of the services without constant buffering and re-transmitted data packets.



The Solution

Willie Henderson, who is the Chairman for the MMC Waterberg Committee reached out to Q-KON Africa for assistance as he knows satellite is the only option for reliable off-grid communications.

Q-KON supplied a mobile Twoobii system for the video uplink streaming, as well as a WiFi-over-satellite HOTspot solutons for general public broadband services. The Twoobii Smart Satellite Service ensured uninterrupted video uplink and the Mighty Men channel reached in excess of 50 000 people.


“Twoobii has made the spreading of the good message possible for everybody that could not join us in person!”

Willie Henderson

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