Twoobii Provides Reliable, Always On Connectivity For Exclusive Lodges

Twoobii Provides Reliable, Always On Connectivity For Exclusive Lodges


Being part of the exclusive Natural Selection Camps, Kwessi Dunes Lodge is located deep in Namibia’s striking Namib Rand Nature Reserve, a vast desert wilderness of over 20,000
hectares. With its rolling desert plains and backdrop of craggy mountains and iconic red dunes, this is a place where time seems to stand still and the space never-ending. Kwessi
Dunes Lodge is open all year round. The hyper-arid desert terrain is amazing in all seasons, but the winter and summer months offer different experiences in terms of activities and weather.

The Challenge

While exclusive tourist destinations such as Kwessie Dunes focus on offering tourists awesome natural surroundings and wonderful experiences, they also need to offer all the latest business services including reliable guest broadband services, telephony and online reservations. The surrounding rolling desert dunes and the extreme weather make the implementation of wireless or microwave services challenging and unreliable.

The Solution

Twoobii proved to be the perfect solution for Kwessi Dunes Lodge. The terminal installation can be discretely done not to attract attention and being the only Smart Satellite Service, Twoobii provides an elegant solution for telephony and data services including seamless integration with the HQ network in Windhoek. Implementation, on-going service delivery and support is done by Coastal Cable who is a well-known and respected service provider to the Namibia tourism industry.

“We are very happy with the service and support provided and since we moved over to Twoobii we did not have any customer complaints!”
-Festus Eibeb
Operations Manager of Natural Selec


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