Anywhere, always-on Guaranteed Card Payments with FNB and Twoobii.

Anywhere, always-on Guaranteed Card Payments with FNB and Twoobii.


Music festivals, game auctions, remote fishing camps etc all need a trusted communication solution to ensure reliable card payments for the public. FNB Namibia has selected the Twoobii satellite service to develop a secure and reliable point-of-sale communication solution for anywhere, always-on delivery.

Sphinxblick Open Air Music Festival Challenge

In October 2022 FNB was asked to provide reliable card retail services to the Sphinxblick open-air private music festival in Erongo Region. Erongo is in the middle of the Namib Desert and has no signal coverage. Sphinxblick hosts 11 bands with 2 from South Africa, in the picture, is Weissdorn from Namibia. FNB card facilities were required to service a kitchen and 3 bars for about 500 private entries.

The Solution

“Congratulations on being able to provide card facilities literally in the middle of the Namib Desert!”
And a big thank you to the team at Q-KON. You’ve certainly shown that you can take banking anywhere in partnership with FNB.” Conrad Dempsey, CEO FirstRand Namibia

The Q-KON Twoobii trailer provided reliable satellite communication to connect the FNB card readers as well as providing public Wi-Fi services.

Conrad Dempsey, CEO First Rand Namibia (l); Reggie Louw FNB E-Banker (r).


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