In The News – December

In The News – December

Reflecting On 2021

As the sun sets on another year we reflect on past opportunities, challenges, and achievements. We think about the changing nature of life, the need to appreciate every moment and the strength gained from a helping hand and a friendly smile. For Q-KON as part of the satellite industry, it has been a year with unfolding prospects as our Twoobii service leads the Smart Satellite Service market adoption and growing rapidly to meet demand for reliable and trusted communication. Q-KON’s very first business Christmas was in 1988. For more than 30 years we’ve remained thankful and humbled to service our customers and partners. It is a collective journey which we travel with all our industry partners, customers and suppliers, a journey which everyday adds more reasons to be thankful for and every morning opens new doors. Have a blessed and fulfilling Christmas and festive season.

Keeping Track of the Motul Roof of Africa Riders with Twoobii & JustTRAC

Tracking solution specialists JustTRAC and Smart Satellite Services provider Twoobii joined forces to provide the technology necessary to live-track any rider, no matter where in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho they may be. The terrain in Lesotho isn’t just challenging to traverse; it’s also a notoriously difficult area in which to get reception via conventional networks. That means that as a support team member, you may well struggle to know exactly where your rider is.

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Thank You To All Our Partners in 2021




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