In The News – October

In The News – October

Satellites Are Dead! Long Live Satellites!

EngineerIT Editor Hans van de Groenendaal led the industry panel discussion on the current satellite industry status and future expectations.

Q-KON appreciated the opportunity to participate and share our views with this respected forum. Today’s smart satellite networks, such as Twoobii-on-Flex service incorporates advanced data communication features which seamlessly integrate user applications such as voice and video calls, effectively making latency no more a factor with satellite links than it is with any other type of data network.

Twoobii is most definitely not positioning itself as a competitor technology to 5G and fibre, but rather as an alternative connectivity solution for those challenging situations often found in Africa.  Twoobii is the ideal internet connectivity solution for African enterprise users in off-grid areas. Click here to read more.

A leading bank signs the next phase with Point-of-Sale on Twoobii

A leading bank’s Merchant Services has selected Twoobii to extend their reliable satellite access service for point-of-sale connectivity.

A leading bank is already using Q-KON’s satellite services and the successful phase 1 rollout has proven that merchants using satellite are not bound to a specific industry, or even to only rural locations.  The use cases range from wholesale outlets in towns, the tourism industry, border posts and retail outlets such as KFC and Chestermeats.

For the Merchants, the value proposition is driven by the very high uptime (more than 99%), as well as the attractive service bundle options offered by a leading bank which puts the cost well below current LTE alternatives. Click here to read more.


Unfinished Business in the Quest to Connect Africa

The FastMode
recently published an expert opinion on the business challenges for satellite services in Africa. With a predicted 332% increase in satellite launches from now to 2028, limited information has been made available about the business models and go-to-market strategies underpinning this exponential growth.  No single satellite service provider has established dominance in the African market. The question arises as to whether these breakthrough satellite technology achievements are supported by sufficiently robust business models to deliver large-scale service delivery across the continent. Click here to read more.




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