In The News – September

In The News – September

Learn about why Satellite is the new cost-effective solution for retail

In this economic climate, no retailer can afford to have any network downtime.

Until recently the go to solution for point-of-sale systems was the easy to deploy, LTE data access.  The time has come to look at the alternatives. Twoobii satellite solution is an always on, anywhere, service, providing 100% coverage in Southern Africa. Click here to read more. 

High-Availability to Auto-failover for 100% uptime, for NC Iron Ore Mine

Operating 24/7, this mine could not afford any network downtime due to the impact this would have on their supply chain.

Q-KON engineered a special 1+1 high-availability solution consisting of dual satellite terminals with 99.95% uptime in an automatic failover configuration. Click here to read more.

Closing the Connectivity Divide – Open Items for a Successful Business Case

While 80 % of the world’s population could have advanced coverage in 10 years, only 25% will enjoy access to networks delivering the highest speeds and lowest latency via cutting-edge technologies.

The key message in a McKinsey analysis is that connectivity-for-all is, and will be for the foreseeable future, a global technology and industry challenge. Click here to read more.

Did You Know?

The idea of a geostationary orbit became well known first in a 1945 paper by the British science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, published in Wireless Worldmagazine. The orbit, which Clarke first described as good for broadcast and relay communications satellites, is sometimes called the Clarke Orbit or the Clarke Belt, named after the author.



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