Rule #1 For Using Satellite Services

Rule #1 For Using Satellite Services

Solution design with Satellite made easy

YES, there are two basic rules to designing satellite solutions, and NO, these rules are not complex engineering and mathematical rules. It is simply understanding where satellite technology maps into our integrated connected world and for what application satellite works perfectly. As for anything else in life, if you use a tool in the wrong application you can’t blame the tool for not working.

Simple. Somewhat common sense… And then again, we all know common sense is not so common after all.

While satellite technology has some very specific advantages and features that make it the ideal option for applications such as financial transactions for the retail industry, TV distribution, cellular backhaul, “off-grid” broadband etc, it is not a competing technology. If you can get a fibre connection to the customer site, or implement a point-to-point wireless link then those technology options must be used and, in this case, you do not need satellite – and should not use it.

Satellite service should not be considered because it is cheaper or faster than any other medium – if you are busy with an application, and you are pitching satellite against fibre or wireless then something is wrong. In these cases, the logic is you do not really need satellite, because you have alternatives, and thus you should not use it.

Of course the reverse is the situation which is most interesting. When you are designing solutions where you need to distribute content from a single service to 100’s of remote locations then no other technology can give you the cost advantage of satellite. Also, when you are implementing a countrywide retail network, and you need to deliver 99,95% reliability, then again nothing else but satellite is going to meet that requirement.

Satellite is for off-grid locations, for high-availability with guaranteed uptime, for video or data distribution, for delivering Microsoft updates to 100’s of devices low-cost and swiftly. Satellite is for point-to-multipoint anywhere always-on delivery. It is not meant to replace point-to-point links; it is not meant to be used instead of fibre or wireless – it is really that technology option that can deliver solutions no other option can. Satellite is your out-of-the-box option.

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