What is Twoobii?

What is Twoobii?

Twoobii ….. as in To be connected… or not To be.

Twoobii is a business satellite internet solution that connect any “off-grid” business location to the Internet. If your business is out-of-town, and you have no or unreliable Fibre, 3G or ADSL services, then Twoobii is ideal for you.

Twoobii uses a satellite dish to connect you to the Internet via a two-way satellite channel.

Twoobii is ideal connection for:

  • Broadband services.
  • Telephony voice services.
  • Corporate Data services

How Does Twoobii Work?

The Twoobii network uses two-way satellite terminals installed at the merchant location. These terminals include an outdoor antenna with a transmitter, a receiver and an indoor modem with RF cables from the antenna to an indoor satellite modem.
Implementation is similar to a DStv installation but requires more engineering and skills to ensure quality of signal and network reliability.

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