Twoobii Sign-up Information Sheet

Twoobii Sign-up Information Sheet

Ever wondered why it typically takes 2 hours and a stack of paper work to get your new cell phone upgrade?

Without getting into an emotional debate, part of this is because all telecommunication services in Africa are regulated. Which means Service Providers have to comply with local regulations as well as making sure your device works on the network and all the services are exactly as per your requirement, and this needs personal, contract and a lot of other data.

Twoobii is on-line

The Twoobii team in Q-KON has developed a solution to make it as easy and user friendly for customers to sign-up. All that is needed is a one-page completion form which users can easily complete online at Twoobii and then everything is arranged. We ask only what is really needed to comply with regulations and also to ensure you Twoobii service operates 1st time perfect.

Behind the scenes

“In the technology world simplicity is extremely complex. “
That one-click button on your Apple-store can start a serious of actions and reactions, including user information transfer, network communication around the globe, bank transactions and many more.
We have come to expect simplicity. Twoobii is one of the most advanced and sophisticated global satellite digital communication networks – we made the user process simple, very simple.

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