Spitzkoppe 4-Star Camp

Spitzkoppe 4-Star Camp


Spitzkoppe is a small tented camp north-west from Windhoek and provides accommodation for up to 15 people. The camp is a delight for nature lovers with spectacular views of the Spitzkoppe mountain (aka the Matterhorn of Africa) not to mention beautiful sunrise and sunsets and a close connection with the natural environment.

The Challenge

Today, modern hospitality guest services, general camp operations, and on-line bookings all require reliable broadband services. Spitzkoppe camp management required a reliable and cost-effective service with local field support and on-site back-up. The preferred broadband service must also enable IP telephony with local Wi-Fi access and public guest HOTspot control.

The Solution

Coastal Cable and the Twoobii satellite broadband service was selected as the preferred option. The Twoobii network can deliver up to 20Mbps download speed and up to voice calls with built-in HOTspot services and extended camp Wi-Fi network options. The terminal is relatively small and can be installed within a few hours to provide connectivity anywhere. Refer www.twoobii.comfor information.

The internet works fantastically, customer very satisfied with the service –Wouter Nel, Coastal Cable Fusion

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