Newsletter: August 2019

Newsletter: August 2019

Port Nolloth – A Leading Bank Upgrade

A leading bank in Port Nolloth is situated on the beach and it’s the most westerly branch. Port Nolloth was once a buzzing town with diamond miners in the 1920’s in hope to find these sparkling precious stones. If there is a loss of internet connection, customers would not be assisted, which would cause customers to be frustrated due to not being able to do their banking properly.

VSAT is installed as a backup link. This will ensure that they are always connected. For example, if the fibre fails, the link will automatically switch to satellite connection. We are able to assist with a custom-made solution for your business by applying engineering skills to harness technology in innovative ways to the benefit of our customers and the long-term prosperity of our people. “I would like to thank your team for the efficient service that they have provided us during our VSAT upgrade. The field teams were very professional and guided us through the entire process of what was being done. We are surely very happy with the installation.” – Melody Cloete – Branch Administrator, Port Nolloth

Satellite vs Terrestrial: Why it is the wrong question.

As humans, we want to compare. It is in our nature. Perhaps it is leftover from the grading system in our schooling years, perhaps it is because we understand better when we have a reference or a guide to compare against. Apart from being communication technologies, these options have very little in common and actually have very diverse and fundamental physics and architectural differences.

Satellite is a broadcast point-to-multipoint architecture. Fibre is a point-to-point network architecture. If it is a broadcast solution that is required, why would you consider a point-to-point network and vice versa? There might be other short-term requirements like time-to-market, or landlord access rights that can influence deployment choices to favour satellite as an interim service.

We propose the discussion changes from; “Do I use satellite or fibre?” to “When do I use satellite and when do I use fibre?”. These are very different communication technologies and they are merely alternative options, not competing options.

In summary, fibre is the long-term, point-to-point, fixed location and fixed cost option. Satellite is the tactical, anywhere, anytime, flexible, point-to-multipoint option. Understanding the principles and considering the use along these criteria will map into sustainable solutions.

Twoobii goes to SA GeoTech

Early Sunday morning on 18 July 2019, the exhibition hall at Emperors Palace was buzzing with various companies setting up their stands at the SA GeoTech Expo. Twoobii’s stand consisted of glowing LED ottomans, LED cocktail tables, a LED coffee table and white leather seating couches with a 2m high new indoor Twoobii mascot. Fresh roasted coffee beans are served in Twoobii cups. Twoobii brochures were laid on the table, Twoobii coasters were given out as free gifts to delegates. Water bottles with Twoobii branding was complimentary gift to visitors. A cellphone charging table with 8 different charging points were made available for delegates to charge their cellphones. It was a small scale expo, but the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all that attended!

Did you Know?

If two pieces of the same type of metal touch in space, they will bond and be permanently stuck together.

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