Mobile Satellite Communication Solution in Lesotho

Mobile Satellite Communication Solution in Lesotho


Live Lesotho 400 is an annual off-road motorcycling race held once a year in Lesotho at Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village. The race is 110km which stretches across the mountainous, lush, rocky, green terrain. Lesotho, known as “kingdom in the sky”, is the only independent state in the world that lies entirely 1,400 metres above sea level. Two thirds of Lesotho is covered by mountains. Twoobii had the privilege of travelling to this unique destination to provide Wi-Fi access.

The Challenge

For many of us, Wi-Fi is an essential part of the way we access the internet, freeing our devices from cords and allowing us to access information anywhere. The Village, where the start and finish of the race was, offers Wi-Fi but is only for hotel guests and it is limited to the lobby area. The challenge was that the race control requires Wi-Fi to monitor racing times of the riders. JustTRAC customers also required connection to Wi-Fi service.

The Solution

Race control had piece of mind knowing they can rely on Twoobii’s satellite connection for race recording purposes and JustTRAC’s customers could enjoy a complimentary Wi-Fi service. Although this specific unit is a mobile unit, we are able to offer a fixed terminal solution for your business. Whether you are in a mountainous, rocky, rainy or snowy area, you can rely on Twoobii. It is specifically developed to help your business with “Always-on, Anywhere” connectivity.

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