Newsletter: April 2019

Newsletter: April 2019

Q-KON Africa assists customer telephonically to install Satellite in Mozambique

On the night of March 14 cyclone Idai hit the port city of Beira, bringing winds of over 200 kmph. Heavy rains caused severe flooding and damages to roads and communications. Airport authorities forced to close Beira international airport after the air traffic control tower, navigation systems and runways were damaged by the storm. Almost all roads and bridges were destroyed, fallen trees and powerlines were in the middle of road making it impossible to get into Beira.

Due to damaged roads and closing of Airport Q-KON Africa could not send any technical assistance to install satellite. However, the technical team was able to communicate with customer on their satellite phone. Our technical department guided the customer step by step telephonically on how to install satellite correctly. Satellite was successfully installed. “I am very grateful for the assistance received from Q-KON” – Justin Jamie – Customer liaison officer.

Satellite Mostly Cheaper than 3G

The global average for data is $8,53 for 1GB with the cheapest mobile data in Western Europe in Finland with an average of $1,16. The US had one of the most expensive rates – with an average cost of $12.37 for the same amount of data. The most expensive rate is Zimbabwe at $75,20 per GB. However, Africa also hosts countries with the cheapest rates with Rwanda, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo offering rates below $1/GB. Twoobii is a satellite business broadband service developed by Q-KON for Southern Africa and hosted on the IntelsatOne Flex global platform using the iDirect Velocity technology architecture. Services such as Twoobii is introducing a new generation of satellite access options to the market and form the edge for bringing the benefits of recent satellite industry innovations and developments to the market and business endusers. If Twoobii was a country, it would rank #75 globally and #15 in sub-Saharan Africa as per the survey, at $3,50/GB. The service offers additional advantages such as “uncapped” or fixed-fee service profiles, while data rates of up to 10Mbps can be provided. High services availability, focused network management teams with committed field support SLAs, structured service profiles, and now attractive data rates are all adding up to position satellite business broadband services as the new alternative for business network access.

Did you Know?

The asteroid belt was first discovered in 1801. This is when Giuseppe Piazzi discovered Ceres. Ceres is a dwarf planet and was the first object to be observed in the asteroid belt.

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