Satellite… mostly cheaper than 3G

Satellite… mostly cheaper than 3G


The research team at recently reviewed the price for 1G of mobile data in 230 countries. The research, ( found that one gigabyte (GB) of data costs $0.26 (£0.20) in India but $6.66 in the UK.

The global average was $8,53 for 1GB with the cheapest mobile data in Western Europe in Finland with an average of $1,16. The US had one of the most expensive rates – with an average cost of $12.37 for the same amount of data.  The most expensive rate is Zimbabwe at $75,20 per GB. However, Africa also hosts countries with the cheapest rates with Rwanda, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo offering rates below $1/GB.

If Twoobii was a country..

Twoobii is a satellite business broadband service developed by Q-KON for Southern Africa and hosted on the IntelsatOne Flex global platform using the iDirect Velocity technology architecture.

Services such as Twoobii is introducing a new generation of satellite access options to the market and form the edge for bringing the benefits of recent satellite industry innovations and developments to the market and business end-users.

If Twoobii was a country, it would rank #75 globally and #15 in bub-Saharan Africa as per the survey, at $3,50/GB. The service offers additional advantages such as “uncapped” or fixed-fee service profiles, while data rates of up to 10Mbps can be provided. This demonstrates that the global investments by companies such as Intelsat and iDirect, on which Twoobii is based, have created a completely new paradigm for satellite access services and are introducing a different business case to the commercial access service provider sector.

For more download the brochure here.

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