Reliable “Always-On” Connectivity Contributes to Excellent Customer Experience

Reliable “Always-On” Connectivity Contributes to Excellent Customer Experience

The Dolomite Camp, part of the Eco Collection of the NWR Lodges and Resorts, is situated in the western region of the Etosha National Park. This famous tranquil
get-away spot sits in a previously restricted scenic area and is surrounded by dolomite formations, hence the name “Dolomite Resort”. Visitors can experience intimate contact with previously endangered species such as Black Rhino and Black-faced Impala, successfully bred during the time the area was closed off to tourism.

The Challenge
As the Resort offers facilities such as a swimming pool, a restaurant, a tourist shop and a bar, it is of utmost importance to have reliable connection in a secluded “off-grid” area to support these offerings with an “always available” service that does not fail the client to use the resort’s card facilities. Various attempts from other suppliers to land fast and reliable network connection points at Dolomite Camp, failed expectations and unfortunately, they had to find another solution to accommodate tourists.

The Solution
Q-KON Namibia introduced their famous StarLight Business Broadband Solution to the Dolomite Resort. The StarLight Business Broadband Solution provides affordable, uncapped internet, ideal for business’ in remote and under-serviced areas as well as areas where the quality of existing connectivity is inadequate.

The solution consists of the installation of a two-way data satellite terminal at the “off-grid” resort. This integrates with the business point-of-sale devices, either with cable or over a secure wireless network. Hence this solution was ideal for use at Dolomite Camp, as communication over its larger area including their restaurant and bar area, and even the outside pool area, was made possible. This is a true “from Africa, for Africa“ solution for connectivity and makes bandwidth speeds of up to 1Mbps upload and 8Mbps download possible!

As a certified solution, the end-to-end satellite and wireless network is fully compliant with all current financial security requirements. In addition, Q-KON provides a leading bank with on-site and remote support to ensure continued business operation anywhere in Namibia.

Namibia Wildlife Resorts were so happy with the broadband solution and the service from the Q-KON team, that they requested two installations be done at Gross Barmen Resort, situated just outside Okahandja, approximately 100km from the capital city of Windhoek. Another five NWR sites are currently been quoted on, and installation will start as soon as we have the green light to fit the StarLight Business Broadband Solution.

This solution is brought to the Namibian market in partnership with Q-KON Africa and WiTel

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