Point-of-Sale Devices: Connectivity in the Desert a First for Torra Bay

Point-of-Sale Devices: Connectivity in the Desert a First for Torra Bay


Torra Bay Resort is celebrating its 62nd birthday this year & is a very remote camping site situated in the Skeleton Coast National Park, Namibia. What makes this resort special? The fact that they are only open for December & January. Being home to Steenbras, Kabeljou, Galjoen & Blacktail, Torra Bay is any shore-based fisherman ‘s dream. The 60 camping sites are usually fully booked in advance. The resort offers only the most basic amenities such as water, fire wood, a shop & a petrol station. It is essential to take your own equipment with. Skeleton Coast refers to ships that have fallen prey to the deceitful sand banks & a number of shipwrecks are testimony to this tragic past.

Life’s Necessities

Even at the most remote location for good fishing, you need fuel, a small shop with essentials & a friendly bar to share the fishing stories. All of this is available at Torra Bay to make your fishing holiday as best as possible. There is just one small problem, in a location with no other connectivity this means, no means of card transactions & all trading has to be cash. Torra Bay Management urgently needed a trusted, reliable & proven solution to ensure card payment transactions. Some WiFi hotspot connectivity the fishing pictures or stay in contact with home is also becoming a necessary part of being on holiday.

The Solution

A leading bank in Namibia in partnership with Q-KON Africa developed a proven satellite access solution to provide reliable connectivity for point-of-sale services anywhere in Namibia. The leading bank’s satellite services were installed and provided an elegant solution for the point-of-sale requirement while the new Q-KON Twoobii satellite broadband service easily connects all the WiFi hotspot areas.  The solution also includes 2 telephones as well as access to the NWR office network for reservations & business communication.

Now Torra Bay is equipped to be the perfect location for a remote and isolated fishing experience for the visitors, with the all too essential WiFi access as well as the business services for the NWR offices. All-in-all the best of both worlds between a relaxing life & essential services.

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