End-To-End Service for Namibia

Welcome to Twoobii

The Fixed-fee, locally supported, “Off-grid” broadband solution.

Twoobii is business broadband. Twoobii gives you voice, data and Internet services anywhere you are. To be connected or not, certainly Twoobii. End-users, Resellers, ICT service integrators, Twoobii is developed for you.

Are you currently off-grid and not connected to the national telecom network grid via 3G, Fibre or ADSL? Now to be connected 24/7, all you need is Twoobii, the new always-on, anywhere connection solution for all previously disadvantaged locations.

Twoobii is your trusted satellite internet provider.


Twoobii…. As in “to be connected or not to be” is different, very different. This service is founded on an almost $2bn global investment by Intelsat to establish the EPICTM satellite fleet and associated ground equipment. In short, the technology, capabilities and service options of Twoobii is epic.

Visit our website for the Namibia Pricing plans.

How is Twoobii sold in Namibia?

Throughout our 30+ years of business practices in more than 30 African countries, the Q-KON Africa group has always maintained a policy of collaboration. Twoobii for Namibia will be no different and we will service the Namibia market in collaboration with various Service Partners who have invested and are committed to develop the market with us.

Q-KON Namibia is now ready to service the Namibia business sector. After almost two years of waiting for regulatory approval, and developing the leading Twoobii service, the company has found a credible and trusted footprint in the Namibia market.