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Test your Internet speed with this speed test which was designed specifically for satellite. Click on the button below and run the test to see what Twoobii can offer you!

Monitoring your voice

Log into our Voice Platform and be able to view and monitor the calls you are making.

Product Documentation

Downloadable Info docs, application notes, description of solutions, how to’s and more.

Twoobii Info Sheet - WIFI

The Twoobii business Internet access solution is the preferred option to connect “off-grid” business operations such as Lodges, retail operations, commercial farms etc. In many of these scenarios the need for connectivity includes an on-site Wi-Fi network to connect all the different business operations. Download for more.

Twoobii Info Sheet - Sign-up

The Twoobii team in Q-KON has developed a solution to make it as easy and user friendly for customers to sign-up. All that is needed is a one-page completion form which users can easily complete online and then everything is arranged. Download document for more.

Twoobii Info Sheet - Voice

Twoobii provides reliable data services via satellite communication channels anywhere in Southern Africa. Twoobii is the ideal solution to provide Internet and data connections to users at “off-grid” locations who has no access to the mobile of fix telecommunication grid. Download document for more.

Twoobii Landlord Approval

This document is intended to introduce the VSAT Installation requirements so as to inform the respective Landlord about the scope involved and what equipment is required to be installed at the property. Download full document below.

BMS Mobile Application Tutorial
Twoobii Info Sheet - Hotspot

The Twoobii HOTspot service provides an easy to use option to control WiFi usage and access through the issue of vouchers. This user guide provides a summary of how to issue vouchers.

Twoobii Info Sheet - Standby Service

The Twoobii standby service is implemented as a secondary service and is seamlessly integrated with the customer network. In the event of a primary service failure the end-user service will be automatically routed over the satellite link to implement seamless business continuity.

Twoobii Info Sheet - Fair User Policy

To achieve an optimum balance between cost and performance the Twoobii network implements a “soft-cap” quality of service and fair user access policy according to the principles described in this document.

Twoobii Info Sheet - Private Network

Twoobii services the full range of user requirements including the provision of “private network” requirements. Twoobii architects have full end-to-end control on all the network parameters and can control quality of service and network sizing in detail.

Twoobii Info Sheet - Solar Power "Off-grid" Solution

Twoobii provides “off-grid” broadband services to business and retail operation which are not reliably connected to the telco grid. Low power consumption and effective communication design enables Twoobii to also operate using a solar system and “off-grid” from the national power network.

Twoobii Info Sheet - Surveillance Video

Surveillance Video over Satellite forms part of the many Value-Added Services that is designed and optimized to compliment the Twoobii VSAT connectivity solution in order to enhance functionality and satisfy business requirements.

Twoobii Info Sheet - Wi-Fi Services & Speed

This user guide will assist in understanding local Wi-Fi networks and how the performance of the Wi-Fi network determines your final user browsing experience. It will also help to identify constraints in a typical Wi-Fi network.

Twoobii Info Sheet - Data Bundle Service

Business locations are connected via a primary terrestrial network and Twoobii satellite terminals are installed at all locations to implement the back-up service. The network is then controlled using Cisco IPSLA routing protocol or similar failover protocol that will switch from the primary service across to the Twoobii satellite link.

Twoobii Product And Installation


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