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Twoobii Smart Satellite Service is specifically developed to provide seamless satellite (VSat) access services for broadband, corporate data, voice and video services. In particular, the solution includes full end-to-end engineering management to ensure optimum user services and quality-of-services. We have an assured, alwayson service anywhere, to the same user terminal equipment and have flexible contracting options to support various business and cost models.


– Full end-to-end engineering management to ensure optimum user services and quality-of-services.

– Assured anywhere, always-on using the same user terminal equipment.

– Flexible contracting options to support various business applications and cost models.

What We Enable:


The Twoobii voice solution was developed to operate over the satellite link and includes interconnect, least cost routing, billing and account management.


Broadband access and Corporate Data access ensure trusted connectivity for all applications. Different service profiles and pricing options provide solutions for a range of business requirements


Twoobii supports real-time video surveillance solutions for remote viewing, monitoring and two-way voice communication.

Private Network

“Private Network” solutions connect specific user sites using a satellite network segment (or pool) which is exclusively allocated to a group of user sites.

Point Of Sale

Financial point-of-sale and retail transactions requires specific network security and seamless integration with the financial core networks, all of which can be achieved on the Twoobii Smart Satellite network.

Back-Up/Standby Service

With data rates of up to 10Mbps and CIR QoS profiles the Twoobii Smart Satellite Service can provide seamless business continuity during load shedding and other service disruptions.

Wi-Fi HOTspot Solution

Twoobii Wi-Fi HOTspot solution provides complete HOTspot features and is a powerful tool to assist network administrators to manage user access and service quality.

Wi-Fi Campus Solution

Twoobii Smart Satellite campus Wi-Fi solution incorporates different omni-directional and point-to-point network access points for easy planning and implementation of outdoor Wi-Fi solutions.

Solar Power “Off-Grid” Solution

Remote system control and monitoring application can be implemented with the solar power options to ensure reliable connectivity at any remote location.

Who We Connect

We know how hard it can be to run a successful business with minimum resources in a difficult economic environment. Twoobii Business Broadband Smart Satellite Solution is specifically developed to help your business with “Always-on, Anywhere” connectivity. Now you have one less thing to worry about as our solution provides connectivity when you need it most, and it doesn’t matter where you are.

We service business users in “off-grid” locations
that need reliable broadband, data and voice services.
If you are in one of the following industries,
chances are good that we can help you with an affordable,
reliable satellite-connected solution.


Hotels, Lodges and Game Reserves.

Medical Fields

Clinics, Emergency Operations and Mobile Stations.

Expos and Events

On-demand services, Sport, Music and Industrial.

Business Broadband

Commercial Farmers, Doctors, Service Industry.

Student Centres

Schools, Libraries, In-store Hotspots.

Government Departments

Agri-stations, Water Management, Service Points

Border Posts

Custom Offices, Shipping Agents.

Finance Industry

Branch, ATM and Point-of-Sale Services

Business Continuity

Back-up Service with pay-per-use options


Site Surveys, Project Offices.


Business Operations, Retail Outlets


Internet-of-things Services, Control and Monitoring.

Installation Costs

Terminal installation will be done by the extended Q-KON Service Partner network at a fixed fee for any location in South Africa.

Equipment Cost

Customers can buy or rent the terminal equipment bundle which includes the outdoor antenna reflector, BUC transmitter, LNB receiver, RF cable and satellite modem.

Equipment Support

Equipment support and repair is included in the equipment rental period for the duration of the service term.

How We

The Twoobii Smart Satellite network uses two-way satellite terminals installed at the user location. These terminals include an outdoor antenna with a transmitter, a receiver and an indoor modem with RF cables from the antenna to the indoor satellite modem.


Installation is similar to a DStv installation but requires more engineering and skills to ensure quality of signal and network reliability.

Support Services

Extensive support services are available including remote online support, call-out and equipment repair and fixed SLA with 4hr to repair.

Service Profiles

Service profiles are defined to meet the all key business requirements and include Broadband service, Private network services, Point-of-sale access, Stand-by services.

Why You Can Trust Twoobii Smart Satellite Service

Twoobii is the 4th generation, Smart Satellite Business Broadband Solution developed by the Q-KON engineering team. Based on the global Intelsat platform Twoobii combines the best of international technology and local engineering. Q-KON formed in 1988 and has more than 30 years of experience in providing niche solutions to the African market.
We proudly “ Deliver tomorrow what we promised yesterday”

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