Creating a Beacon of Innovation and Connectivity in Botswana’s livestock industry

Creating a Beacon of Innovation and Connectivity in Botswana’s livestock industry


Nestled in the heart of Dikgonnye, Botswana, approximately 55 kilometers from the vibrant capital city of Gaborone, stands a distinguished Boer Goat Stud Farm belonging to the Chandima Farm Group. Mr. Thabani Machacha, a devoted breeder, channels his passion into advancing standards and nurturing innovation within the local farming sector. Beyond its role as a Boer Goat breeding center, his farm functions as a pivotal venue for sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration, hosting workshops and facilitating gatherings to benefit fellow farmers.



The Challenge

Given the remote setting of his farm, Mr. Machacha faces significant challenges with the unreliable and insufficient mobile network coverage, impacting the management of his farming operations. The limited connectivity hampers crucial functions such as communication and market research, relying on sporadic internet access points. Resolving these connectivity issues is crucial for Mr. Machacha to effectively embrace modern agricultural practices, maintain competitiveness in the market, and secure the long-term sustainability of his farming venture.


The Solution

In collaboration with MASCOM and Q-KON, a MySatellite Proof of Concept site has been established at Mr. Machacha’s farm. This dependable satellite internet connection guarantees seamless internet access for all farm residents, facilitating communication and online research to support farming endeavors. Moreover, farmers in the vicinity now benefit from an enhanced communication hub, enabling internet access for researching contemporary farming techniques and fostering knowledge exchange.



“Chandima farms can now connect business and family and is the number 1 Boer Goat Stud Farm in Botswana thanks to MASCOM  MySatellite”

Mr. Thabani Machacha

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