Driving Agricultural Transformation through Smart Satellite Services

Driving Agricultural Transformation through Smart Satellite Services


Agri-Logic, is a prominent player in the agricultural sector, providing agricultural integrated solutions as well as offering connectivity services as a reseller for Twoobii Smart Satellite Services engineered by Q-KON. They have an in-depth understanding of on-farm realities and commodity trading, coupled with scientific research expertise and a proven track record in designing and executing sustainability strategies and solutions.

The Challenge

World-class agriculture operations all require reliable and business-grade broadband services, regardless of their location, and Agri Logic needed to offer a solution that can meet this requirement reliably and at a market-related rate.

Blue Berry farmers require controlled automated irrigation solutions to ensure the correct moisture levels. Agri Logic stepped up to the challenge and designed a reliable solution and needed the connectivity as well.

The Solution

Agri Logic designed and implemented the solution with the Twoobii network for constant water level monitoring and IoT-controlled pump stations. This system operates based on scheduled irrigation and required fertilization mixes. The Twoobii service provides critical connectivity to ensure vital data, connectivity, and monitoring capabilities. This optimization leads to increased productivity and sustainability in agricultural practices.



“Our smart farming solutions, powered by Twoobii Smart Satellite Services, can be implemented throughout Southern Africa, contributing to long-term food security”
– Japie Krynauw

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