The Rhino Orphanage

The Rhino Orphanage

Saving the Rhinos

In the heart of the Limpopo bush is a conservation area where the Rhino Orphanage is located. This NPO is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, releasing, protecting and loving Africa’s amazing rhinos. The team is made up of permanent staff and volunteers that come from all over the world to help with the care of the rescued rhinos. The baby rhinos are very vulnerable and disoriented when they are rescued and are in desperate need for safety and familiarity. To reduce their stress, a human “mother” is assigned to the babies that stays with them 24 hours per day to take care of their needs.

The Challenge

Communication is key to the well-being of any individual. Even more so for the volunteers at the Orphanage that are continents removed from their families. Due to the location of the Orphanage, there are not a lot of options and they are practically off-grid most of the time. This poses a real security risk for the staff as well as the rhinos, in addition to the basic human need to communicate with their loved ones. Arrie van Devender mentioned the challenge on a radio talk show and Q-KON responded with a reliable always on solution.

The Solution

Q-KON Africa decided to step in and provide the Rhino Orphanage with a Twoobii Broadband Internet service. The office is now equipped with a VoIP phone and a Wi-Fi access point that provides Internet access to the staff and the volunteers. The Twoobii service covers Southern Africa and provide Smart Satellite Services to a broad range of customers that rely on always on reliable communications in off-grid situations or anywhere where reliability and dependability is of great importance to their business or operations.

“At last we can also address the needs of our staff and volunteers with reliable communications and also address the security of our campus”.  Arrie van Deventer. The Rhino Orphanage.

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