Getting Oxbow Lodge connected in Lesotho

Getting Oxbow Lodge connected in Lesotho


The Maluti Mountain Range in Lesotho provides the beautiful and tranquil setting for Oxbow Lodge. The lodge is reached via the glorious Moteng Pass which tops out at 2800 metres before descending to the lodge in a valley 8km from the summit, on the banks of the Malibamat’so River. If it’s space and peace you seek, you will find them in abundance when you treat yourself to the natural splendour of this award-winning lodge.

The Challenge

Oxbow Lodge is an exclusive destination that has hosted Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers and international tourists. While most modern visitors want to enjoy nature at such wonderful locations, they equally want to remain connected to business or family. This paradox creates one of the biggest challenges in modern lodge operations, namely, how to provide city-standard broadband service to guests in remote, “off-grid” locations. These locations are not adequately serviced by mobile 3G networks and are also beyond the reach of private wireless ISP networks. Furthermore, networks to remote locations are often dependent on tower infrastructure, and this leads to poor service availability.


The Solution

After learning how Twoobii Smart Satellite Services solved the broadband connectivity challenges of a remote lodge in Namibia, Oxbow Lodge decided to install a Twoobii Smart Satellite Service system and can now readily service their guests and their connectivity needs. Supply and installation of the Twoobii service was carried out by Comnet, Twoobii’s valued channel partner in Lesotho, who also provide ongoing support.

“Thank you, Twoobii! Your system was installed and we never looked back!”
Mr Laiki, Oxbow Lodge Manager.


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