Uninterrupted Connectivity for merchants at major sporting events, made possible by Twoobii

Uninterrupted Connectivity for merchants at major sporting events, made possible by Twoobii


The Carling Black Label Cup is a one-day four-team football tournament in South Africa. The tournament features four participating teams with the winners of the first matches playing twice while losers would play penalties for the 3rd and 4th place play-off. The teams and line-ups are chosen by Carling Black Label customers who submitted a code found on Carling products. Customers also choose which substitutions to make in-game by voting via text message. This format created great excitement which led to a record number of attendance being expected at the event.

The Challenge

The expected amount of people attending the event was estimated to be around 80 000 and that estimation turned into a reality. This is great for sales and for sport but could pose a challenge for broadband internet connectivity. With so many devices (smartphones, point-of-sales devices, ATM’s etc.), mobile network congestion could be expected. Our customer needed a stable and reliable broadband internet connectivity solution for their merchants to ensure that point-of-sale devices can operate without interruption.

The Solution

The Twoobii Smart Satellite Service was employed to meet our customers’ needs for reliable internet broadband connectivity, to enable their merchants to trade via Point-of-Sale devices, and for events attendees to withdraw cash at mobile ATMs. The Twoobii Smart Satellite Solution trailer, which was specially built for large events, was stationed just outside the stadium and there was 100% internet connectivity up-time on the day for merchants and events attendances to do all transactions that they required to do. Another seamless event and  happy Twoobii customer.

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