Twoobii provides reliable communication for off-grid farmers.

Twoobii provides reliable communication for off-grid farmers.


In 2009 Christo de Wet and his family packed up their household and moved to the deep rural area of the TETE province in Mozambique. They strongly believed in their hearts that they had a calling to make a difference in this community, which is in the remotest of areas. This led to forming Farms-for-Africa, providing hope for the future.

The TETE community is extremely impoverished with basic needs such as roads, schools, medical care and clean water not yet established. No national network or Internet connectivity has been rolled out to their district.

The Challenge

The challenge with being two and a half hours drive from the nearest town, and with no network connectivity, Farms-for-Africa’s only choice was to use high frequency two-way radios for basic data communication for the last 9 years.

These high frequency radios were reliable on favourable weather days; however, internet connectivity was not available at all. In 2018 a local internet shop opened in the then small town of TETE and our client could connect to the internet with a basic cost- effective package offered to them. Recently this service also proved to be insufficient and Farms-for-Africa had to find a trusted and 1st-tier business broadband service.

The Solution

Farm-for-Africa was referred to Q-KON by another Twoobii client, 800km away from TETE towards the northern border. After some discussion with Christo the entry level Pro-10 (10Mbps/100GB) service package was recommended to meet his current requirements. Twoobii offers a range of services and users can easily upgrade as required.

“We are very happy with what we are experiencing now. The internet package and speed that we now receive is superior to what we are used to!” -Christo de Wet


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