Let’s Save The World Together

Let’s Save The World Together

Mobile Twoobii Satellite Terminal for Top Solar Provider

Magpower is based in Botswana and designs, develops, manufacture, market and install solar technologies and provides high quality, reliable Green Energy Solutions and components to residential, farming, industrial and commercial buildings in both urban and remote rural areas. Their services also include supporting of essential communications infrastructure in Botswana.



The Challenge

We have installed 14 solar systems for a telecommunication client in the most rural areas of northern Botswana. We required a satellite internet connection during commissioning of these sites in order to be able to connect with suppliers in the UK for technical assistance and to remotely operate, optimise and monitor if necessary.



The Solution

Magpower’s own Twoobii Satellite Terminal, which they can build and take down once done with the installation of their Solar Solution, at each site. Twoobii supplied Magpower with a non-penetrating/invasive (like a stand) mount to build their Twoobii Satellite on at the site that they are installing at and get comms/support from the UK, etc. The first “install/setup” will take about an hour and a half however, thereafter you should be able to erect your Twoobii in plus/minus half an hour to an hour at every site you install at.



I had a good day with the Twoobii – Walter Kgabung, Magpower

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