In The News – April

In The News – April

Satellite VS LTE As Backup Services

Physics and network technology fundamentals make satellite services, the most effective, highest spec back-up services. Yet while this is true, then why is satellite not used as a back-up by every network engineer and specified by every customer request. To understand this paradox we can translate user requirements for 100% availability and low-cost operation into 5 key specifications, and then have a quantitative discussion to evaluate satellite vs LTE for back-up services. Mapping these criteria provides a graphical view that outlines the benefits of satellite as a back-up service. Even w.r.t. cost the latest HTS services can provide services at as low as 5c/MB compared to LTE services at around 15c/MB.

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Twoobii Connects Mozambican Lodge To Satellite

Shipwreck Lodge is a self-catering lodge located in Pomene, Mozambique. The area has some GSM cellular voice and data services communication however, this is not reliable to meet the needs of the modern traveller. Communication towers regular fail due to power supply outages and lack of sustainable generator operation. Twoobii satellite business broadband service was installed at the Lodge to provide telephony, data, broadband services and quest hotspot services. With Twoobii, we can now offer it all to our guests. Additionally, a reliable connection for our business operation– Hannes Nel, Shipwreck Lodge.

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A Historical Moment As Satellite Returns To Service

Space history was made with Intelsat 901 when an autonomous space service vehicle docked on the old satellite and took over the navigation and steering of the satellite adding another 5 years of service life to the satellite. This new technological development is promising satellite operators’ extra revenue and hopefully less space junk. Well done to Intelsat and Northrop Grumman! Image

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Did You Know?

Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system and has an average surface temperature of around 450° C.

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