Twoobii Wi-Fi HOTspot Solution

Twoobii Wi-Fi HOTspot Solution

Twoobii is a satellite business broadband access service developed to service “off-grid” business operations such as lodges, retail shops, industrial plants and all locations not connected on the national telco grids. The Twoobii Wi-Fi HOTspot solution now enable Twoobii customers to service guest, staff or other 3rd party users in a convenient manner and with no additional equipment requirements.

The Twoobii Wi-Fi HOTspot solution can control user access according to pre-set service rules or through user access vouchers, the access can either on an additional charge or as part of the venue services. The design concept and network elements are shown below

  • Q-CAP Wireless router / controller integrated with a cloud-based management platform provides all HOTspot functions.
  • Hotspot works with vouchers that owners can generate and print themselves.
  • Owners will provide guests with a voucher per device. Vouchers can only be used on one device at a time.
  • Vouchers can be limited on the following: Download & Upload speed, Download & Upload data, Total Data/Traffic, Online time
  • Designed for easy access and control of guests.
  • Guests will be authenticated against vouchers created on Cloud server.
  • Connections will automatically be disconnected when limits are reached.
  • Set expiration date from voucher activation.
  • Owners will have their own login to server.
  • On server each voucher can be monitored and usage graph can be shown.
  • See current online vouchers on management application.
  • Used vouchers can be deleted.
  • Hotspot will be configured on its own VLAN and SSID to keep it separate from other business operations.

The WiFi HOTspot service can also be extended to larger business premises and end-user areas using the Twoobii Wi-Fi Campus Solution.

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