Solar Power “Off-grid” Solution

Solar Power “Off-grid” Solution

Twoobii provides “off-grid” broadband services to business and retail operation which are not reliably connected to the telco grid. Low power consumption and effective communication design enables Twoobii to also operate using a solar system and “off-grid” from the national power network.


For the purpose of this solar design only the communication equipment was included and the following operational requirements were considered.

System Overview:

Using the defined criteria the design is further based on 5 hour charge per day, recommended solar power systems is then as follows: (Note that this design is indicative only and doesn’t include any additional user equipment.)

  • 2x 330W solar panels
  • 3x 105Ah deep cycle batteries
  • 1x 20A Solar regulator
  • 1x 1000W Invertor
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