“Data Bundle” Service Description

“Data Bundle” Service Description

The Twoobii network architects have full end-to-end control over all network layers and has developed advanced service options to meet different IP access requirements. The Twoobii “data bundle” service option is specifically designed to provide a cost-effective back-up solution for a group of business locations.

The “Data Bundle” service is defined to provide as a back-up service for retail shops, branches and commercial operations. The key requirements are:

  • Back-up Service. The service must be implemented as a back-up service in support of a primary fibre service or LTE service.
  • Group of sites. This service must be implemented to connect a group of sites, i.e. 10 shops. It is not a back-up service to be used for a single end-user site. (other Twoobii options are better for single site back-up requirements)

How does it work?

Business locations are connected via a primary terrestrial network and Twoobii satellite terminals are installed at all locations to implement the back-up service. The network is then controlled using Cisco IPSLA routing protocol or similar failover protocol that will switch from the primary service across to the Twoobii satellite link.

The Twoobii “Data Bundle” service parameters and applicable definitions are as follows:

  • Typical service example: 8Mbps / 2Mbps 2000GB
  • Downlink: 8Mbps All sites in the network will be connected at the specified downlink data rate, no FUP rules apply to this service and the downlink data rate remain at the specified level.
  • Uplink: 2Mbps All sites will be provisioned at the specified uplink data rate, no FUP rules apply.
  • Data bundle: 2000GB This is the data bundle volume included in the monthly service charge, additional data usage will be billed on a per GB rate.
  • Site Management Fee: A “per site” fee is due for each site in the data bundle network.
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