In the News – March 2020

In the News – March 2020

Satellite Services for a 5G future

The ITU definition of the 5G networks-of-networks ecosystem outlines the key elements as enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine and ultra-reliable low-latency (<1msec) communication. In this article we consider the role of current and future satellite technologies and how it will benefit the deployment of 5G networks. Satellite distribution networks are already integrated with mobile networks as well as high reliable delivery of HD content, with the planned LEO and MEO constellations this will further be developed.

In the planned global “connected-future”, the 5G “network of networks” architecture will continue to develop and grow with the initial successes spearheaded by the mobile network operators To read more click here:

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Chester Butchers

Chester Butchers was founded in 1973 and is currently one of the largest meat wholesalers in South Africa. Recently the day-to-day trading and point-of-sale transactions we compromised due to poor 3G communication.

To address this problem, a leading bank partnered with Q-KON and deployed a satellite access network that complies with all financial security requirements. The network is seamlessly integrated with the leading bank’s core network and 23 stores where connected via satellite. Chester now provides reliable, fast, always-on PoS services leading to smooth daily running of the stores. To read more click here:

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Our star champions burn midnight oil

A big thank you and appreciation to Niell, Jules and Riaan who recently completed a complex network upgrade project. Working under strict operation restrictions, and dealing with unexpected complications, they had to resolve core issues while maintaining customer change control restrictions.

Thanks guys, your continued efforts is driving our goal to build a sound and in-depth engineering capability to the benefit of our valued customers.

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Did you Know?

Made of three quarters hydrogen and helium for most of its remaining mass, the Sun accounts for 99.86% of the mass in our solar system with a mass of around 330,000 times that of Earth.

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