Chester Butcher connects 23 Stores

Chester Butcher connects 23 Stores

Chester Butcher Introduction

Chester Butchers was founded in 1973 by Nicos Criticos and is currently one of the largest meat wholesalers in South Africa. They import a variety of
Beef, Mutton, Pork, Poultry and vegetables from South America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Denmark, China and Belgium. Today Chester
has more than 25 retail stores around South Africa employing over 500 employees.

The Challenge

Poor 3G signal connectivity at the store locations made it difficult for the business to complete day-to-day tasks and reliably operate the check-out point-of-sale systems. Customers frustration and revenue loss increased due to poor transaction processing and delays. Chester unsuccessfully considered various other service provider options available at the store locations.

The Solution

A leading bank partnered with Q-KON and deployed a satellite access network that complies to all the financial security requirements and which is seamlessly
integrated with the core network. These satellite terminals were installed at 23 Chester stores connecting an average of 8 PoS (Point of Sale) devices at each store. Chester now provides reliable, fast, always-on PoS services leading to the smooth daily running of the stores.

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