Newsletter: October 2019

Newsletter: October 2019

Twyfelfontein Adventure Camp – Namibia

Nestled in rolling boulders of a granite outcrop, is Twyfelfontein Adventure Camp. It is a convenient ten-minute drive from World Heritage Site of Twyfelfontein Rock Engravings dating back to 6000 years ago.

The camp provides the basic necessities, however, there is no Wi-Fi connection at the camp. Today, the internet has become important part of our everyday lives.

Twoobii’s satellite dish is cemented into the natural surroundings of the camp. Internet connection can be offered to guests that stay at the camp. Guests have the option to enjoy the internet or watch crackling campfire under the Namibian night sky. Perhaps in 6000 years’ time, a Twoobii satellite dish will leave the same legacy as the rock art paintings have left.

Alternatives to replace ADSL

There is regular reporting that ADSL service will be phased out and customers will be migrated to LTE and Fibre. Interestingly, some neighbourhoods have neither fibre nor LTE networks. Why not satellite? Satellite services are available anywhere in South Africa.

The recent technological developments in the satellite industry – including the design, launch and operation of high throughput satellites – has created a completely new business model for satellite services. The satellite option can offer an attractive service for the 10Mbps and 20Mbps profiles. Keeping in mind that this product definition is for an “unlimited” service, and that it excludes the other cost complexities applicable to building fibre or LTE network plants, then these 1st order numbers will justify a more in-depth work-study to finalize a possible satellite product as a DSL alternative. Click here to read more.

Twoobii Sponsorship for M.O.T.H. Golf Day

The 11th annual golf day was arranged at Glenvista Golf course to raise funds towards the maintenance of Warrior Oasis Cottages. There were 76 players on the day. Q-KON was again the main sponsor of the event.

On the day, Mr Andy Boden, chair of this worthy charity, expressed his thanks to Q-KON Africa as the main sponsor, as well as to other contributors who helped to make the day a major success.

Did you know?

There are 10 times more stars in the night sky than grains of sand in the world’s deserts and beaches.

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